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Price: $59.95
Item Number: 8020-35ML

A new exclusive way to decant and enjoy one glass of wine at a time. An original
hand-blown Italian Murano glass decanter (aerator) that maintains the quality and
preserves the organoleptic properties of your wine. Hand made in Tuscany, Italy

The "CENTELLINO" is the one-dose wine decanter.

The "CENTELLINO" is a registered trade-mark, and a design patented, hand made in Italy, by blown glass.

The "CENTELLINO" is a wine item with tested technical results.

The "CENTELLINO" decants, oxidises and provides the perfect quantity of wine for tasting (100ml. for red and white wine, 60ml. for raising wine, and 35ml. for Brandy and distilled).

The wine, during its flowing down into the “amphora” of "CENTELLINO" spreading on the walls, frees all its flavours and its organoleptic properties.

The "CENTELLINO" besides being a tool for pouring, it is also, due to its design, a beautiful ornamental item.

The "CENTELLINO", due to its soft and harmonious design, decorates and enriches your table. The "CENTELLINO" is an exclusive gift item and Italian wine world souvenir.

Insertion: Uncork the bottle of wine. Carefully hold the “CENTELLINO” by the wood of the larger stopper. Insert by pressing on the wood stopper, not on the glass. Once inserted, hold only the bottle for the rest of the steps

Filling: Hold the bottle so that the Centellino is vertical with the reservoir underneath. Fill the reservoir completely for a perfectly measured serving

Serving: Rotate the bottle more than 90° to pour the wine. The “CENTELLINO” should be higher than the bottle

Preservation: Leave the “CENTELLINO” in the bottle. It will preserve the wine, unaltered, and be ready for the next pour

Removal of “CENTELLINO” from bottle When finished, remove the “CENTELLINO” by holding the wood of the larger stopper. Never remove by holding the glass

Cleaning Remove stoppers and wash “CENTELLINO” under running water and dry carefully. Do not put in the dishwasher