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Eurotech™'s line of beautiful wine cellars provides an elegant and tasteful way to store and display your personal wine collection. Your red and white wine selections can share in the experience together. Eurotech™'s adjustable controls allow you to personalize your wine cellar's temperature between 39F and 65F.

The full line of Eurotech™ wine cellars can satisfy even the most discerning wine collector. The many styles, sizes, features and innovations make it simple for the Haier wine cellar series to please one and all.

Style and Design
We offer two distinctive free standing cabinet designs. Our Premier Edition features an amber tinted, double panel, contoured glass door framed in either silver or black. Flush mount security lock and key is also featured in this line.Our Designer series features an elegant full view flush glass door design framed in black with silver or black trim. A heavy duty brushed metal handle is also featured in this line.

One Size Does Not Fit All
We recognize every ones needs are not the same. We offer a complete line of bottle capacities including 20, 24, 30, 42, 46, 50 and 60.

Ideal For Both Red and White Wine
Available in both electronic touch or manual dial controls, all of our units are equipped with an adjustable thermostat. Electronic models can be set for red or white at the touch of a button, as well as anywhere between 39 and 65 degrees on both electronic and mechanical models. Two cooling zones are created by a 10 degree variation in temperature from the top rack to the bottom making it simultaneously perfect for red and white wine.

The Perfect Presentation
Soft interior lighting can be achieved at the flip of a switch allowing elegant presentation of your most prized wine collections.

Slide-Out Storage Systems
Our units are available with full extension glide-out track racks or manually adjustable slide-out racks. Both allow for easy accessibility to your red or white wines. Available in classic Chrome or Black coated vinyl, varies by series and style.

Built-in or Free Standing
Our newest 50 bottle addition offers the versatility of being built right into your cabinet or used as a free standing unit. The tinted, thermal-tempered flat glass door protects your wine from external UV rays. A heavy duty brushed metal handle, and adjustable thermostat make this our most versatile model.