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How to Launch Your Wine Career

Price: $29.95
by Liz Thach, PhD and Brian D'Emilio
Foreword by Michael Mondavi; Illustrations by Doug Pike

The American wine industry is not being served to job applicants at “room temperature.” Wine-related businesses are creating job prospects every day and in a variety of skill applications—from agricultural work to marketing and business—and the US is predicted to be the per-capita world leader in wine consumption by 2012. Get your foot in the door now and watch your career grow with the help of two of wine’s most respected professionals and scores of personal success stories from industry icons like winemaker Heidi Barrett, and wine writer James Laube of the Wine Spectator.

How to Launch Your Wine Career builds one from the ground up, explaining job descriptions, educational and skill requirements, the “career ladder,” how to get started, and job hunting strategies. Each chapter ends with a helpful resource guide of available conferences, books, and websites. The appendix provides a detailed “Action Plan Worksheet” to help the prospective applicant plan, plot progress and nail that wine industry dream job.

Get insider strategies for developing successful careers as:

Assistant Winemaker*Brand Manager *Cellar Master*Director of Hospitality*Distributor Merchandiser *Distributor Sales Representative*Enologist*Event Manager *Finance Analyst*Freelance Wine Writer*Grocery Store Wine Buyer*Hospitality Manager*Hospitality Specialist *Hospitality Supervisor*Human Resource Coordinator *IT Business Analysts*IT Project Manager *Laboratory Assistant*Marketing Assistant *Public Relations Assistant *Public Relations Director*Sommelier *Staff Wine Writer *Tasting Room Manager*Tasting Room Sales Associate*Tast¬ing Room Specialist*Vineyard manager*Vineyard Worker *Wine Blogger *Wine Club Director*Wine Club Manager*Wine Educator *Wine Sales Representative *Wine Steward*Winemaker*Winery Accounting Manager*Winery Finance Director

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