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Authentic Forge de Laguiole- Is there a difference?
Laguiole corkscrew

"A brand as much known for its knives as for its useful high-end gifts…"

LAGUIOLE, a small village nestled in the high plateaus of South-Central France, has given its name to a knife now known worldwide: the Laguiole. The history of these traditional knives begins in 1829 in the town of Laguiole where they were a real cultural symbol representing the history, individuality and character of the region. FORGE DE LAGUIOLE opened its doors in 1987, the product of a group of passionate visionaries dedicated to reintroducing the fabrication of this famous knife in the town of its birth. The design of this workshop was entrusted to Philippe Starck who perfectly interpreted the philosophy of the enterprise: to combine creativity with the rich tradition of Laguiole knives. Starck’s vision, combining glass and aluminum with a 60 foot high gleaming blade soaring into the sky above Laguiole, symbolizes the activity and dynamism of the enterprise.

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