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Price: $18.95
Item Number: 8258
Width: 600mm 23 5/8"
Length: 870mm 34 1/4"

Microfibre Crystal Cleaning and Drying Cloth

The microfibre cloth is made of fine fibre (0.15 dtex only) so that it has the following outstanding features:-
• Cleans thoroughly and scratch free never marking the surface of any object.
• Quickly remove dust, oil stains and finger prints and dry at the same time.
• The cloth produces no excess fluff, fibre or lint.
• After washing and ironing under low temperature the cloth will still perform as new.
• The cloth can be applied dry or slightly damp.

The cloth is suitable for a variety of glass surfaces (drinking glasses, cameras, optical instruments), compact discs, audio heads, vide heads, jewellery, lacquered surfaces, luxury furniture, TV screens and the like. It really is an all cleaning glasses cloth.