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Price: $3,674.12
Item Number: CS160DV


  Silent / Dometic Wine Cellars Open box only.
Silent Cellars™ Wine Cellar CS160D will keep your wines in the best possible conditions, those of a traditional wine cellar. Wines are best stored at a regulated temperature, in a dark and humid place without vibrations. The recommended temperature is 55° F, and with a hygrometry level between 50 and 70%.
All models have a digital setting of the temperature. The absorption technology guarantees storage without vibrations. The carbon filter will act as a natural barrier on any odors that may have adverse affects on the wine.
Silent Cellars™ CS 160 D comes equipped with 3 storage shelves and 1 sliding shelf, with optional extra fitted or sliding shelves to obtain a customized cellar.
·  Standard fitted shelves: 1 sliding + 3 storage
·  Capacity: bottles 206
·  Max. number of sliding shelves: 16
·  Capacity: bottles 136

A proprietary solution is heated and pumped into the absorber. The vapor is cooled in the condenser into a fluid, which runs into the low temperature evaporator, where it evaporates into a weak coolant atmosphere. As it evaporates, the heat transfer solution absorbs the heat and produces cold. This principle does not use a motor or compressor, generates no vibrations and operates with complete silence and efficiency.
* Electronic Temperature Regulation:
 All you need to do is to key in the chosen temperature ideally 12°C (53.6°F) or 13°C (55.4°F) and your cellar will start self regulating, producing heat or cold in order to respect your wishes and taking into account external temperature conditions.
* Evaporator with Fins:
 Thanks to its original evaporator design, the Dometic Wine cellar uses a large size fin package, which prevents ice build up. The natural air circulation loads itself with condensation humidity when passing through the fins.
* Carbon Filter:
 If your wine cellar is located in a room carrying odors likely to have adverse affects on wine, the carbon filter will act as a natural barrier.

    * "Low Emission" Glazed Glass Door Provides Superb Insulation and Protect Wine From UV Rays
    * Regulation of Temperature: 45° - 65°F
    * Door Lock Keeps Your Fine Wines Secure
    * Right-Hand Door Swing
    * 4 Height-Adjustable Feet
    * Easy to Use and Energy Efficient
    * Maintains Ideal Humidity Level (Between 50% and 70%)
    * Selected Temperature Maintained Year Round
    * Cellar Can be Customized by Mixing Storage and Sliding Shelves at Your Convenience
    * Note: When building your wine cellar, there are specific ventilation requirements that must be met to ensure efficient performance. Please refer to installation diagrams in instructions.

Height: in 69
Width: in 23.5
Depth: in 29.5
Weight: lb 210

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