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Price: $3,867.06
Item Number: CS200BVR


Silent / Dometic Wine Cellars Open box only.

With a capacity of 206 Bordeaux bottles, this wine cellar can fulfil at once private or professional needs.
It comes quipped with 3 storage shelves and 1 sliding shelf, with optional extra fitted or sliding shelves to obtain a customized cellar.
Wines are best stored at a regulated temperature, in a dark and humid place without vibrations .
The recommended temperature is 12°C, and with a hygrometry level between 50% and 70%.

Max. storing capacity (bottles) 206
Capacity with sliding shelves (bottles) 136
Cooling compartment capacity (bottles) 206
Min. thickness of insulation (mm) 50
Energy consumption @ amb temp +20°C (kWh/24h) 2.15
Cable length (m) 1.95

Digital setting of the temperature
* The absorption technology guarantees storage without vibrations
* The carbon filter acts as a natural barrier on any odours that may have adverse affects on the wine
Insulation polyurethane foam
* Digital thermometer
A proprietary solution is heated and pumped into the absorber. The vapor is cooled in the condenser into a fluid, which runs into the low temperature evaporator, where it evaporates into a weak coolant atmosphere. As it evaporates, the heat transfer solution absorbs the heat and produces cold. This principle does not use a motor or compressor, generates no vibrations and operates with complete silence and efficiency.

    * Electronic Temperature Regulation:
      All you need to do is to key in the chosen temperature ideally 12°C (53.6°F) or 13°C (55.4°F) and your cellar will start self regulating, producing heat or cold in order to respect your wishes and taking into account external temperature conditions.
    * Evaporator with Fins:
      Thanks to its original evaporator design, the Dometic Wine cellar uses a large size fin package, which prevents ice build up. The natural air circulation loads itself with condensation humidity when passing through the fins.
    * Carbon Filter:
      If your wine cellar is located in a room carrying odors likely to have adverse affects on wine, the carbon filter will act as a natural barrier.

    * "Low Emission" Glazed Glass Door Provides Superb Insulation and Protect Wine From UV Rays
    * Regulation of Temperature: 45° - 65°F
    * Door Lock Keeps Your Fine Wines Secure
    * Right-Hand Door Swing
    * 4 Height-Adjustable Feet
    * Easy to Use and Energy Efficient
    * Maintains Ideal Humidity Level (Between 50% and 70%)
    * Selected Temperature Maintained Year Round
    * Cellar Can be Customized by Mixing Storage and Sliding Shelves at Your Convenience
    * Note: When building your wine cellar, there are specific ventilation requirements that must be met to ensure efficient performance. Please refer to installation diagrams in instructions.

Height (INCH) 68.31
Width (INCH) 23.43
Depth (INCH) 30.90
Weight (LB) 178