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Price: $3,495.00
Item Number: ERM-V-SPNT

**** LAST 3 ONLY*****

Dimensions (H x W x D inch) 72x27x27

Sound Emission (db(A)) 37

Useful Volume (litres) 460

Electronic regulation:  (43-64°F)

Integrated heater element

1 locking system

Adjustable feet (front)


Aesthetic characteristics/ Finishing:

Color: Black

Door: Solid door

Cellar Board (for solid door only)


Modern Finishing

·         Digital Screen: comfort of usage, ergonomic

·         Aluminum color


·         White Lighting (2 LEDs)

·         Better visibility with 3 lighting options (permanent lighting, Lighting when door opening, No lighting)

Integrated Alarms:

·         Temperature Sensor Defect

·         Temperature Level (when too high or too low)

·         Hygrometry (when too low, for 1 temp. only)

Internal Layout: Bottles Capacities


               Material: wood

·         Sliding Shelf (12 bottles)

Material: Steel+PS Shock


·         14 sliding shelves: 182 bottles