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Transtherm Arrangements:
Transtherm® has revised its shelving arrangements and created shelves to meet specific needs. Crafted from solid beech and finished with a protective varnish, these shelves are designed to carry a large number of bottles. The colourless, odourless varnish guarantees against damage from humidity.

There are three types of shelvings to choose from. These shelves are also eqipped with labels to help catalogue your wines. Due to it's specific dimesions, Studio models have their own special shelves.

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Sliding shelf: Easily reach all 12 bottles. 12 bottles
Storage shelf: The bottles are firmly held in place and remain in position even if the shelves are not completely full. 77 bottles
New presentation kit: Stores and displays on one shelf that holds a maximum of 34 bottles. 34 bottles

Black Mat
Red Pear Tree
Correze Pear Tree
Amboise Charm
Lichen Lazure
Prized Green