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VineyardFresh preserves open wine by simply spraying 2 quick bursts into an open bottle of wine then re-cork. VineyardFresh creates a protective barrier between remaining wine and the air left in the bottle, preventing oxidation. It’s naturally heavy enough to preserve your wine, light enough to be colorless, odorless and tasteless.

VineyardFresh is 100% pure Food Grade Argon and works on a combination of Chemistry and Physics.

Chemistry – Argon is an inert gas and does not interact with wine. Argon is non-metallic, colorless, odorless, tasteless and naturally in the air we breathe. Argon is heavier than oxygen and lighter than wine.

Physics – The heavier gas will displace the lighter gas. Argon displaces the oxygen and creates a vapor barrier between the wine and the oxygen, preventing oxidation from spoiling the wine.

1. Remove the tamper resistant seal off the top of your VineyardFresh canister.

2. The VineyardFresh straw swivels to a comfortable position to make it easy to place the straw inside the neck of your open bottle.

3. Press down firmly on the button at the top of the canister and release two short bursts.

4. Leisurely recork - VineyardFresh is heavier than oxygen and will stay in the bottle once sprayed. Use the original cork, screwtop or your choice of decorative bottle stopper. No special stopper required.

5. Store upright until you decide to have your next Vineyardfresh glass or wine.