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WhisperKool is a cooling unit designed specifically to maintain temperature and humidity within a properly designed wine cellar.

To age optimally, wine requires a balance of temperature and humidity. The temperature affects the rate of maturation while the right humidity keeps corks in good shape during the aging process. Dry corks crack and allow wine to oxidize. Excessively wet corks rot, causing the wine to become corked. Wine collectors agree that the ideal temperature for maturing fine wines is 55°F-57°F and that the humidity should be carefully balanced between 50%-70%.

WhisperKool achieves these optimum conditions by cooling the cellar slowly. As the temperature in the cellar begins to drop, the relative humidity will rise, creating the ideal environment for aging wine. WhisperKool incorporates an efficient environmental stabilization system in a compact, easy-to-install, self-contained unit. It is built in a variety of sizes for wine cellars, ranging from 300-to-2,000 cubic feet. The unique difference between the WhisperKool system and traditional air-conditioning units is the maintenance of well-conditioned humidity. Traditional air-conditioning units are designed to cool air quickly; as a result, humidity is removed, leaving air dehydrated.

Ease of Installation:
WhisperKool has been specifically designed to fit between standard wall studs. This requires a minimum of modification to existing wall structures.

The unit is equipped with a rear flange for mounting through a wall. The flange allows the unit to be mounted directly to the wall and eliminates the need to build a support shelf. Condensate evaporator system

The unit is designed to collect and dissipate excessive moisture, which accumulates during normal operations. A sophisticated heating element dissipates the collected moisture and evaporates it through the exhaust port located on the rear of the unit. This eliminates the need to attach drain lines and the hassle of periodically emptying containers.

Vibration free operations:
Vibration can disturb the natural aging process of wine and compromise its quality. WhisperKool is designed with state-of-the-art compressors and components. This combination is engineered to provide vibration free operation.

Solid and durable cabinet design:
The polymer coating on the galvanized steel housing gives the WhisperKool systems a beautiful, textured finish which resists fingerprints, rust, nicks and scratches.

WhisperKool ® XL Series:
Our new generation cooling units... Engineered for superior performance, utilizing:

  • NEW! State-of-the-art compressors
  • Re-designed high-efficiency tubing
  • Superior condensate evaporator system
  • New optional PDT (Precision Digital Technology) Thermostat.

  • Liquid-Measuring Thermostat:
    This system incorporates a probe designed to measure the liquid temperature in a wine bottle rather than the air temperature of the cellar. This results in several distinct advantages:
  • Wine is maintained at a precise, measured temperature.
  • The unit will switch on/off less often, extending cooling unit life.
  • The unit will run longer during cycles effectively maintaining humidity.

  • Optional PDT™ Series Thermostat:
    Years of research and testing have gone into designing this completely new technology. Offering microprocessor controlled digital technology and pinpoint accuracy. This unit offers some distinct features and benefits:
  • Self-calibrating probe- contains a microchip, which communicates back and forth to the thermostat, resulting in accuracy.
  • Built-in defrost cycle- designed to shut off for five minutes every fifty minutes in order to prevent frost buildup.
  • Heavy duty circuitry- designed to resist power surges, which play havoc on sensitive electrical components. Fahrenheit and Celsius readout- for use in the United States as well as around the world.

  • Performance:
    A properly designed wine cellar is critical to the unit's performance. For detailed information on the proper design of a cellar, please call Wine Hardware at 1-800-231-9463.

    Proper ventilation on the exhaust side of the WhisperKOOL system cannot be overstated. As the unit cools the cellar, an equal or larger amount of heat is generated on the exhaust side of the unit. This heat will need to dissipate away from the unit in order for the unit to operate effectively.

    The WhisperKOOL system is designed to cool 30°F cooler than the ambient temperature of the room the unit is exhausting to. If the temperature rises above 85°F then the unit will lose its ability to cool to 55°F in the cellar. Selecting a larger unit to compensate for a larger temperature variation will be ineffective.

    The WhisperKOOL unit is designed to be mounted high on the wall (within 18 inches of the ceiling) in the cellar. This will assure that warmer air, which rises, will be drawn into the unit, cooling the entire room effectively.

    Selecting the proper size WhisperKOOL unit is based on the overall cubic foot size of the cellar. However, there may be circumstances in which a cellar design may require a larger unit due to some design limitations. In such cases we recommend purchasing the next size larger unit to compensate for these limitations. The WhisperKOOL system is designed to cool cellars to a range of 50°F to 70°F. Upon initial startup, the unit will run continually for several weeks in order to bring down the temperature of the bottles in the wine cellar. The unit will then run only when the thermostat senses a temperature variation.