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Price: $3,995.00
Item Number: INCELLAR 8000
Product Description
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WhisperKOOL is proud to introduce the InCellar cooling system. The InCellar provides a whole new way to cool your cellar and control the warm exhaust air. By placing the ENTIRE system in the cellar, cooling operation goes unnoticed in the adjacent space. The InCellar offers an industry first top facing exhaust to duct the warm air out of the home or into the attic. Say goodbye to a cooling system blowing warm air and making noise in your hallway or game room.

    Dual-speed fans whisperkool video icon
    Advanced digital controller whisperkool video icon
    Dynamic airflow whisperkool video icon
    Liquid bottle probe whisperkool video icon
    Superior Humidity control allows the system to manage the moisture for improved wine quality
    Two year parts and labor warranty whisperkool video icon
    Maintains 55 degrees and 50-70% humidity in cellars up to 2000 cu ft.

    Designed to blend seamlessly within cellar racking
    Coated evaporator coil whisperkool video icon
    Quiet operation whisperkool video icon
    Crank case heater protects refrigerants from entering the compressor, which reduces maintenance and ensures long compressor life
    Durable finish whisperkool video icon
    Casters available for easy mobility of the cooling unit. whisperkool video icon