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  according to your serving needs; slide bottles into position using our easy

    change bottle system and your system is ready to increase your wine business

    right out of the crate!!!!


Flexible Climate Zones (patented)

The partition wall for all dispensers with 8 bottles or more can be moved to the left or right easily to change the ratio between the number of red and white wines.


Capacity for 2 Bottles per Position

Behind the bottle in use is enough space to place the next bottle. When it’s busy and a bottle runs empty the next bottle is already at hand at the right temperature. Staff does not have to search for a replacement bottle and no additional wine fridge is needed to pre-cool the next bottle.


Excellent Cooling Capacity

Cooling is the area where other systems have issues. There are two cooling zones separated by an EASY TO CHANGE partition wall, to accommodate your selection of whites and reds by the glass. You also have the option to cool all whites or serve all reds. The unit is the most flexible on the market today and allows you to adjust for both your summer and winter menus. The cold/ white wine section cools between 40-65F (optimal temp 41-48F for most white wines) and the red wine section holds between 59-75F (optimal temp 59-64F for most red wines)


Optional: Separate Cooling Engine

The cooling engine can be separated from the wine dispenser and can be set remote from the wine cabinet. The advantages to the operator are: (1) less bar area space needed for air circulation, (2) no fan motor sound behind the bar and (3) no warm air behind the bar. In some cases it is possible to attach the dispenser to existing cooling engines or add your own compressor and condenser.


Optional: Different Materials and Colors

The Stainless Steel model is standard.  A wide variety of standard colors are available.  For color selection please refer to RAL Color Chart. (the “Black Edition!” has been extremely popular). We can quote systems with wooden panels which are made of oak and are also available in different “real wood“ finishes. There is a wine dispenser for every possible interior!


OPTIONAL: 3 Level Portion Control Settings Per Bottle

     To increase efficiency and stop expensive over pouring by staff, our 3 position Portion Control system is available as a tremendous value add option.   You can set your control to pour 1 oz. sample; 2 ½ oz. Wine Flight size and 5-6 oz. standard pours and have exact pours every time, cutting down on expensive over pours.