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Wine Cellars and Cabinets:

Whatever your budget, whatever the size of your collection, Wine Hardware carries the very best in refrigerated wine cellars and cabinets. From the custom elegance of Vinoteque, the technological innovation of the Silent Cellar, to the modernist polish of the Eurotech, Wine Hardware has something for every aesthetic preference and practical need—and the expert staff to help you find that perfect fit.

Silent Cellar®

The totally quiet, soundly reliable, energy-efficient wine storage system
Every self-respecting wine aficionado knows the average temperature and humidity for optimum wine storage. And most would tell you that your worries end at 55 degrees F., 60% humidity. They’d be wrong. The slow killers of your vinous treasures are light and vibration. Even the cycling-on of a wine cabinet compressor can do damage over the long term.
What makes the Silent Cellar™ the best wine cooling system for long-term storage is what it lacks. A motor. The Cellar utilizes a special technology, absorption refrigeration, which has no moving parts and zero vibration, guaranteeing a long life and remarkable energy efficiency. And its glass doors are “double glazed” for complete UV protection.
The Silent Cellar ® also conforms to the principals of Biodynamics: that electromagnetic currents, which alternating-current motors found in conventional refrigeration systems generate, interfere with ion exchange and the proper aging of wine. This is why the SILENT CELLAR(R) is known as a "biodynamic wine cellar.”


Wine Hardware carries the complete free-standing Danby line, the brand of affordable quality in wine cellars and cabinets. The Danby line is outfitted with a digital control system and has models that hold from 6-166 bottles.
Please contact our stores now Below is our current inventory of showroom models, returns, and demo units What is listed is what we have. Act quickly these wine cabinets sell fast!