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The NOIR and the PETIT NOIR are made from texture painted 8” diameter cylinders that serve as a platform to display your wines and conceal the nitrogen regulator and disposable canister. The NOIR stands 16” tall, and the PETIT NOIR stands 8 1/2” tall. Both units can accommodate .75 to 6 liter bottles, and optional units are available to house two or three .75 liter bottles. Black is the standard color, although special colors and “Your Name” branding is available with a minimum order.
The NOIR’s high sides allow you to add ice around your bottles, keeping pre-chilled white wines cold while being dispensed. The self contained, compact modern design allows these units to be placed in almost any location. The Noir and Petit Noir are the most versatile units we offer when used as promotional or corporate gifts due to low cost and custom branding options.
An optional refillable nitrogen cylinder and regulator can be used with these units with some modification.