Quake Guardian

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The Quake Guardian has a leash that tacks into the wood of the wine rack. The other side of the leash has a ring that goes around the neck of the wine bottle. In the event there is an earthquake, the ring around the neck of the bottle will prevent the bottle from falling out of the wine rack.


Is your wine collection safe from an earthquake or unexpected accidents? Are you prepared for The Big One? Introducing QuakeGuardian® wine rack system! Simple, easy to install, and cost effective, this patented wine rack restraint system was developed to help keep your wine bottles from flying off your wine rack in the event of an earthquake.

We know how important your wine investment is to you, so we did something to protect it!

QuakeGuardian® comes with a securing pin and instructions, ready to install. There is nothing else to buy! QuakeGuardians are designed to fit on standard wine racks, metal wine racks, and even Scandinavian wine racks with slide rails. This way, the wine bottles can slide back and forth on the rails during an earthquake. Once installed, you can reuse QuakeGuardian® with your wine storage rack over and over with different bottles, without removing it.

Seismic lab testing proves that QuakeGuardian® is effective in helping to keep your wine on your wine rack during an earthquake. QuakeGuardian® has been tested with three, 30-second, 1.3G (7 to 8 range magnitude) quakes. On this wine rack, the total shake time was 2 minutes of progressively increased magnitudes.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 6 in