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No longer is abstinence from alcohol a rule of good health. Medical science has established beyond a doubt that moderate drinkers live longer, happier and healthier lives than non-drinkers. Why is this good news not fully disclosed to the public? Gene Ford, a lifelong researcher and expert on drinking and health, explains the political, social and religious pressures which have suppressed the truth about the benefits of moderate drinking. The social and medical answers are all in this book. How much is enough? How much is too much? Certainly there is a small percentage of the population who should not drink, but the vast majority, both men and women, young and old, will benefit from daily imbibing. Most important are the Cardiovascular benefits of red wine. Angina, atherosclerosis, blood clots, coronary artery disease, strokes and heart attacks are all reduced by moderate drinking. The surprising benefits of wine as an anti-oxidant, reducing Cancer morbidity and mortality is documented. Over 1500 studies and articles are cited as the science behind the 30 specific health benefits of moderate drinking. From Alzheimers to Osteoperosis to Ulcers, from the Common Cold to Diabetes to Kidney Stones – here is a panorama of good news about drinking never before assembled in a single book.

Editorial Reviews

A well-constructed publication for the vast majority of people who enjoy the health and social benefits of drinking. — Morris E. Chafetz, M.D., Director, National Institue on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Gene Ford shatters the all-American dichotomy which favors labeling substances either “good” or “bad”–it depends how it’s used. — Elizabeth M. Whelan, Ph.D., President, American Council on Science and Health 

Smart, energetic, penetrating, productively and refreshingly brash. — The Wine News, Harvey Finkel, M.D.

The author’s integrity and the extensive documentation make this the most authoritative book on drinking and health in print. — Wine East, Hudson Cattell

The most information on these issues between the covers of a single book. Maybe IT will make a difference. — Wine Spectator, Harvey Steiman 

This book should be read by health policy advocates, the general public, and by physicians. — Alfred A. de Lorimier, M.D., Prof. Surgery, University of California Medical School

This volume is indispensable for both the practicing physician and any individual seeking information on personal health. — David J. Hansen, Ph.D., Sociologist, author of PREVENTING ALCOHOL ABUSE

From the Inside Flap

The Science of Healthy Drinking provides unique insights into the epidemiology of responsible drinking. It explores the positive findings found in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies conducted in the United States and in many other nations. From this vast accumulation, Ford concludes that Americans are being systematically deprived of information needed to make informed choices concerning alcohol use.Ford shows how antipathy to drinking became the standard in medicine when the American Medical Association passed a resolution on June 6, 1917 which included these phrases: alcohol as a beverage is detrimental to the human economy… ora sa stimulant or as a food has no scentific basis… the use of alcohol as a terapeutic agent should be discouraged.

In his fourth book about this scientific impasse, Ford offers a novel resolution. He challenges America’s practicing physicians and parents- the individuals most responsible for health care deliver- to evaluate the data and to throw off our lingering Temerance yoke.

About the Author

No other American journalist has produced the volume of writing or delivered as many speeches on the health benefits of drinking as Gene Ford. In four previous books and hundreds of lectures and articles, Ford has explored the social and political ramifications of America’s longstanding aversion to drinking.

With a background in political science and journalism, Gene Ford emphasizes the merit of hundreds of scientific studies conducted around the world that find health benefits in moderate consumption. Ford advocates a compromise between the wets and drys in our society which recognizes the health impacts of responsible drinking while sustaining strong intervention and tratment programs for abusive drinkers.

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