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Transtherm Loft Elegance: Black Glass w/ 6 Shelves

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Transtherm Loft Elegance: Black Glass w/ 6 Shelves


Designed to perfectly replicate those conditions found in an ideal traditional underground wine cellar-steady temperature of 55-57 degrees Faherenheit with optimum humidity. The temperature can be adjusted between 46-61 degrees Faherenheit.


Product Description

The Elegance range’s 1 temperature cabinets ensure optimal conditions for maturing your wine. Electronic regulation allows you to monitor the temperature of your cabinet to the nearest degree, from 10° to 14°C. Thermal pump ensures a stable level of humidity.Purchasing a wine cabinet from the Elegance range gives you the confidence of knowing that you have invested in a product with no compromises when it comes to your wine.

Product Specifications

Function : Storage
Capacity : 150 bottles
Dimension (HxWxD) : 43”H x 27”W x 27”D
Weight : 81kg
Shelves : Universal Storage and Sliding
Temperature Zone : 1 Temperature (12°C)
Door : Glass Door
Door Hinge In : Right (default)

Details and Configuration

Control Panel

Incorporating electronic digital temperature setting/display accurate to within 1 degree, cold lighting and temperature alarm (audio/visual).


Sliding Shelf (Wine Servicing) : Shelf glides out for instant access to the 12 bottles

Storage Shelf (Wine Aging) : Comfortably accommodate bottles of different shapes. Store up to 77 bottles per shelf.

  • 2 Adjustable Feet
  • Short D shaped handle
  • R134a Gas Compressor
  • Ideal for long term storage


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