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BY THE GLASS WINE Systems, from Holland


The innovative and sleek European design of BY THE GLASS wine dispensers, will allow you to increase your wine-by-the-glass offerings and increase your bottom-line wine sales without the fear of pouring oxidized wine down the drain or serving bad wine to your clientele.

Your clients will be rewarded with a better variety in your premium wine-by-the-glass offerings, winery fresh wines at all times and better overall satisfaction in your wine program.  Your business will be rewarded with increased clientele satisfaction, increased sales at greater margins and virtually zero waste.



 What makes BY THE GLASS Wine Systems SUPERIOR to other wine systems on the market?


Ease of use:

    As an operator, the most costly and troublesome burden on your business is

    staff and staff training.  BY THE GLASS systems have been designed to be the              

    most efficient and effective wine system on the market.  BY THE GLASS

    Systems are custom built to your exact specifications and arrive ready for use.

    Simply plug-in; set-up our simple “portion control” pour settings; set partition wall  

    according to your serving needs; slide bottles into position using our easy

    change bottle system and your system is ready to increase your wine business

    right out of the crate!!!!


Flexible Climate Zones (patented)

The partition wall for all dispensers with 8 bottles or more can be moved to the left or right easily to change the ratio between the number of red and white wines.


Capacity for 2 Bottles per Position

Behind the bottle in use is enough space to place the next bottle. When it’s busy and a bottle runs empty the next bottle is already at hand at the right temperature. Staff does not have to search for a replacement bottle and no additional wine fridge is needed to pre-cool the next bottle.


Excellent Cooling Capacity