Types of Wine Glasses

Types of Wine Glasses

There are four essential types of wine glasses – red, white, sparkling, and dessert. On this page, you will find out about each of them.

Parts of a Wine Glass

Most all wine glasses will have a base, a stem, and a bowl. Today, there is one special case – the new stemless wineglass that has become to be prominent.

The base, clearly, permits your glass to stand upright.

The stem permits you to hold your wine glass without the warmth from your hands warming your wine, and without making smears on the bowl which will occupy from the visual pleasure in your wine.

The bowl fills an essential need and it is here you will discover the vast majority of the variety in wine glasses.

Wine Glass Shapes and Sizes

Each wine glass will have a somewhat diverse shape, contingent on the sort of wine that specific glass is to be utilized for.

All great wine glasses are molded in a way that will guide the wine to the piece of your mouth where its flavor will be generally valued.

The bowls of all wine glasses will be tapered upward with a marginally smaller opening at the top than at the base. This shape catches and circulate the wine’s smell toward your mouth and nose.

In a wide range of wine glasses, both red and white, the bowl must be sufficiently vast to swirl your wine, opening it up to more air and permitting its smells to be discharged. Swirling your wine is not only for the epicurean or the haughty, it truly serves a critical reason.

A red wine glass bowl will be more full and rounder with a bigger opening to permit you to dunk your nose into the glass to recognize smell. Also, as specified over, the intricate smells and kinds of red wine request a glass with a bigger surface range so the wine interacts with more air.

For red wine, you may need both a Bordeaux and a Burgundy glass. A Bordeaux glass is taller, yet the bowl is not exactly as huge. It is intended for full bodied, heavier red wines, for example, Cabernets and Merlots. The tallness of the glass permits the wine to continue straightforwardly to the back of the mouth to expand its flavor.

A Burgundy glass is for lighter, full bodied wines, for example, Pinot Noir. It is not as tall, but rather the bowl is bigger than the Bordeaux glass, guiding the wine to the tip of the tongue to taste its more fragile flavors.

A white wine glass bowl will be more U molded and upright permitting the smells to be discharged while likewise keeping up a cooler temperature.

For white wine, you may likewise need two types of wine glasses, one for more youthful, fresh whites and one for more develop, more full whites.

The wine glass for more youthful whites has a marginally bigger opening guiding the wine to the tip and sides of the tongue to taste its sweetness.

The glass for more develop whites will be straighter and taller to apportion the wine to the back and sides of the tongue to taste its bolder flavors.

A sparkling wine glass (or flute) will be upright and more slender to hold the carbonation and catch the flavor in the refreshment.

A dessert wine glass ought to be littler to guide the wine to the back of the mouth so the sweetness doesn’t overpower. Dessert wines by and large have a higher liquor content, making the little glass ideal for a littler serving.

Wine Glass Material

To really welcome the color and composition of your wine you’ll need to buy wine glasses that are clear and smooth. Observing the shade of your wine, the “legs” of your wine, and how the light influences your wine are the initial phases in assessing and getting a charge out of it.

The best and most reasonable wine glass will be made with crystal or slim glass.

Crystal or a comparable glass, particularly blown glass, are ideal since they are flimsy. Thicker glass is thought to influence the essence of your wine and to make a bigger lip, making it hard to legitimately taste your wine.


The types and number of wine glasses you buy is especially a matter of individual preference.

For the normal wine consumer, the four essential types of wine glasses might be all you require. For the individuals who wish to extend their pleasure, gratefulness and learning of wine, you might need to put resources into the more particular types of wine glasses said above also.

You can buy great wine glasses at a better than average value that might be fine for your regular happiness regarding wine. Alternately, you can spend a considerable amount of cash on fantastic stemware that may improve your wine tasting and drinking knowledge. Give your wallet and your bed a chance to choose.

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