Maker Wine Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc by Chris Christensen


Light and bright with racy crispness and mischievous acidity — it’s perfect for celebrating everyday occasions. It’s 100% Sauvignon Blanc — with bubbles. This quaffable summer beverage is so light, so refreshing, that it almost transcends the genre of wine. As Chris says, “Es crushablé.‎ Chris sources his Sauvignon Blanc from Sandy Bend, a family-owned and Certified Sustainable Vineyard in Upper Lake County, a region gaining recognition for stellar Sauvy


WineMaker Chris Christensen is a proud 4th generation Cedar Rapidian who went coastal for college, and stayed out west to become a self-taught, envelope-pushing vintner. He burst onto the wine scene in 2011 with Bodkin wines, where he’s known for being the first American to make a sparkling Sauvignon Blanc— and now it’s in a can.

Sold in a 3 pack (equals 1 bottle) or individually


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