Appropriate Wine Storage

Appropriate wine storage is a must if you want to achieve peak quality of your wine. How your wine is stored will specifically impact the last flavor, color and character of every bottle of wine you buy.

We know numerous bottles of wine you buy will be enjoyed instantly or in the short term. We also know that many of us are collectors and want to store wine for upwards of ten years. In any case, even those kept for a couple of weeks or months can be affected by the sort of home wine storage you have. Most wine drinkers know they should be storing their wine correctly but may not know why…hopefully we can help you better understand the importance based on these five elements below.

Wine Storage Temperature Stability

Notwithstanding keeping up the right temperature, legitimately stored wine considers an extremely slight vacillation of that perfect temperature. For wine to stay stable, it is suggested that your wine storage temperature not change more than 2º – 3º C or 5º F and that those vacillations are uncommon. With every temperature variance, outside air can saturate the bottle making wine free its freshness.


The perfect humidity level for home wine storage is between 60% – 70%. Low humidity can bring about the plug to dry out and break, permitting more air into the bottle. High humidity can make buildup or decay on the stopper.


Outside air will saturate your wine bottles through the plug, so make sure there no scents or smells originating from different substances stored adjacent your wine for drawn out stretches of time. These would incorporate cleaning solvents, paint or chemicals of any sort.

Light Level

Wine bottles and most wine coolers are tinted with dim colored glass to permit almost no light to get to the wine. Wines like the dimness. Never store your wine in direct daylight or in a sufficiently bright room.

Storage Angle

Wine bottles ought to dependably be stored either on a level plane, at a 45º point with the stopper confronting down, or some place in the middle. This will keep the wine in steady contact with the stopper guaranteeing no air gets into the bottle.

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