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Dual Wine Fridges. Yes or No?

Dual Zone Wine Fridges are a hot topic these days and whether or not they are necessary, is debatable.

I will start by saying this. We specialize in temper controlled cellars and cabinets and we advise our clients to stick with a single zone unit and here is why…

  • Single Zone units are for Wine Preservation and it is most important to keep your reds at the perfect temp, and since heat rises, you can usually store your white wine and champagnes in the lower section of the cabinet and just put it in the fridge 30 minutes prior to serving for the perfect average temp of 45 degrees.
  • Cost:  Dual Zone fridges are more costly and usually don’t have substantial storage for whites and champagne so the juice is not worth the squeeze!
  • Life Expectancy:  We have found that dual zone wine fridges have more problems and don’t last as long.  Mo’Features, Mo’ Problems!  They won’t last the 15+ years that a good solid wine fridge should last you. 
  • Correct Temperature:  we haven’t found a reliable dual wine fridge that will get down to 45 degrees for white and also keep the other side or below side at 55 degrees for red, there is no point in spending the extra money to try and do both.  You will always need to pre-refrigerate your white wine and storing it at the same temp as red wine will not harm it…especially since white is not meant to age very long!

Whether you have a strong white wine collection or a strong red wine collection, they can all be stored together just be sure to chill your white in your food fridge before drinking to ensure it is the proper temperature, of an average 45 degrees.

All in all, until we see one on the market that is cost friendly, reliable and sturdy, we will always recommend just one temperature controlled unit such as those in the link below

Home is the where the wine is!

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