How Much Wine Do You Need When Hosting A Dinner Party?

How Much Wine Do You Need When Hosting A Dinner Party?

Now that we are unofficially in fall (pumpkins are everywhere), the parties are at full capacity over here.  Between birthdays and holidays, we are celebrating every weekend…and usually the ones hosting!  The most important thing to us is ensuring that everyone has enough to drink!  What we love about dinner parties is that if the wine is flowing, no one cares if the dinner is a flop or the greatest meal of their lives.  The wine is always the focus…it compliments the dishes, is a conversation starter…and finisher 😉, and it just tastes amazing!

Here are the steps you need to know/think of when trying to figure out how much wine you will need…

  • How to do basic math
  • Will you offer a themed cocktail to start the night off?
  • Know your guests preference
  • How long will the party last?

First things first, there are 4 glasses in a bottle of wine…not five!  Five is a restaurant pour that is infuriatingly annoying, especially when you’re paying an average of $16 a glass (San Francisco prices).  If you use the math of 5 glasses per bottle, you will never have enough for your guests…especially if they are helping themselves to the pour!

Second, is your party going to start with cocktails?  We usually have a themed cocktail that I can make ahead.  Something like a Spicy Paloma or Sangria to start the party, depending on what you are serving of course.

Third, perhaps one or two guests only drink beer and one or two other guests are on a Paleo diet and can only drink clear liquids.   Either way, know your guests…especially if it is an intimate occasion. 

Fourth, is this just apps and dinner or will there be a dance party to the end night?  Ours always ends with a dance party…especially if my family is around. Haha.

After knowing all that, we always suggest to our clients, a minimum of 1 bottle per wine drinking guest.  We usually err on the side of 6 glasses per guest or a bottle and a half…that late night dance party will get us every time.  If you have leftovers, great, drink it on Tuesday, after you’ve recovered…lol.  But, knowing you didn’t run out and your guests didn’t go thirsty is what is important

Also, don’t forget to have fun party tricks.  A good Decanter, Champagne Sabre or a Menagerie Aerator are all fun ones!  Links to these at bottom of Blog post.

Home is Where the Wine is!

Menu Wine Breather Decantor

Always a good call to decant your wine at any dinnner party!

Menagerie Elephant Aerator

Always a fun conversation starter!

Champagne Saber

The best party trick of all. Be careful to have lots of Champagne though...everyoone will want to try it!

Neon Wine Glass Markers

Let people write their own name or draw a picture on the wine glass!

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