Building The Perfect Charcuterie Board

Building The Perfect Charcuterie Board

Per my last #tipsytuesday blog, you all know that we are in super hosting mode.  This weekend we had my In-laws, Rich & Darlene, Uncle Mike & Aunt Virginia and my Mom & Dennis visiting.  This of course meant a cheese platter was necessary!  I must admit that we are famous for our cheese platters and I really enjoy putting them together.  Not sure if people prefer the cheese…or the wine we pair it with though…lol!?  Either way, I thought I would share my guide to the “perfect” cheese platter.

First, ensure you have all the necessities

  • A drink while making the platter…I went with a skinny margarita for this one! 😊
  • Different types of cheeses. We do mostly cow with 1 goat and 1 sheep.  All of our cheeses come from Costco or Trader Joe’s…they have the best options at good prices!
  • Different types of crackers. I always do a long cracker, a gluten free option and a cracker with figs.  Again, Trader Joe’s or Costco
  • Different colors. I like to get my colors from foliage, grapes or dried fruit and even the crackers
  • A quince paste, honey or jam
  • A nut or olive of some sort (I usually go for the Trader Joe’s Marcona Almonds and Calvestrano Olives)
  • If you are adding meat, aka, making a charcuterie, be sure to have different forms of meats. I like Prosciutto, Salami and a Soppressata
  • The perfect cheese board…I have two favorites, but they are both made out of wine barrel staves (Linked in Blog Post, link in Bio)
  • The perfect knife set. The one I used is by Ray Dunn.  They sell it online at major retailers but if you can make it to HomeGoods, it is half the price…they just don’t have it online.

Second, I like to lay it out prior to putting it on the cheese board…I need to visualize it a couple different ways before committing. I am like this with decor too…Mike gets so annoyed with me because I leave tags on everything…I mean, until I am ready to fully commit to it in that spot and I love it so much I don’t want to return it! Lol

Lastly, take all the wrappers off and start building!  I promise that with the variety of cheeses and meats, beautiful colors, flowers and extras…your cheese platter will not disappoint, and you will impress all your guests!

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